Ryan Bulloch

Hello there! I'm a friendly designer from Burton-on-Trent and I specialise in design for the web.
I work with individuals and small businesses to help create useful, quality designs.

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My Design

Whether I am commissioned to start a website from scratch, re-design an existing website, implement a forum or create an email campaign, I will always listen and work closely with you to achieve what you want, how you want.

What I do

I primarily specialise in designing and supporting forum communities and small companies using the latest web design technologies. I also advise on internet marketing and advertising methods

What I also do

I have a wide range of skills which allow me to support and administrate Windows Servers, provide SaaS design and infrastructure plans and even go as far as fixing computers and laptops.

How I work

I'll work with you from the absolute start, then continue to help and support your website for as long as you need me to.

My work ethic

I will give you with the best information along the way and promise not to confuse matters with industry terms. I will freely offer my knowledge and expertise to help maximise your business or community and do all of this whilst not tying you into anything at any point - you'll always be in complete control and ownership of your website and I will always be here to support you in whatever capacity suits your needs.

Starting off

We will discuss your business, why you want a website, what benefits it will offer and if those benefits are actually worth the time and expense. You short term goals are just as important as your long term goals so we can go as in-depth as you like.

What it will all cost

I'll discuss costs with you once we have an idea of what you need. The price is usually handled in two seperate payments. 20 percent is made once we have a wirefram design and you're happy to go ahead and then the final 80 percent is due on satisfactory completition of the website. Once we're happy to move forward, we can purchase the website name if you haven't already obtained one, and then I can help you purchase the website hosting if you do not already have any. We'll make sure this is under your name and I will simply utilise it when you need me to so that you are full legal control of your website. My existing customer base is built on user-end product satisfaction and trust.

The design process

We'll work closely together and stay in contact via local visits, phone, email, Skype, IM, meetings or however you prefer. I will build a usable website based on the content you provide me with, then we cover the graphical aspect. After a lot of discussions with the flow and feel of the site, we put together a final draft and make some final decisions.

The outcome

You end up with a website that does what you want it to do and I get paid for my work - all happy days! After that we can discuss future plans any time you like, for instance if you require me to maintain any aspect of the website for you on a small monthly charge or simply any ideas that you want to discuss over a keyboard or a cup of tea such as adding new sections to your website or adding extra features.

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What do I exactly do then?

I'm open about what I specialise in and what it all costs.

Start-up Websites From £350

I can get a website set up for you from as little as £350. This includes the use of a content-management system known as Wordpress and customising an existing template. Doing this allows me to save myself a lot of time - I can then pass this saving directly onto you. This also includes my help and tuition on you getting the best out of your website by showing you how you can easily change content yourself.

Bespoke Website Design From £550

If you need something a bit more personal and customised then I can design a one-off website from the ground up, making it entirely iPad and iPhone friendly whilst ensuring that the outlay, planning and final outcome meets your expectations. Prices start from £550 and expected turnaround times are longer than a 'Start-up Website'.

Web Shops From £900

Setting up a web shop is something I can certainly do, however prices do vary a lot as we will need to discuss your requirements such as how much stock variation you have, if you want to accept website orders and payments, how reguarly will your product range change and general discussions about your area of business. Setting up a website that will be successful is not easy as it needs to suit both you and your customers requirements and there are multiple routes to go down.

Forum Communities From Free

I run a number of forum communities and have over a decades worth of administration experience in building, nurturing and maintaining all aspects of a successful community. Get in contact if you think you have the foundations for a great forum and we can talk through your options. Prices in this area start from free.

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